Lantis Kelly

Designed by

Martina Meacci and Giulia Britti

Lantis Kelly realize your One of a Kind dolls since 2009

If you want see your unveil dream became doll you’ve only to reserve your one of a kind fromĀ  Martina and Giulia.

Why more then 1000 collectors choose us?

Three answer for you!

More then 1000 satisfied customers around the world for top level quality of sequins and embroidery fabrics, swarovsky jewells and reroot. (Do you want know more about materials and technique? Look in “About Us” on this website or directly contact us!)

Incredible prize won during this years araund the world for celebrate our art talent (Do you want know more about our prize? Look in “About Us” on this website or contat us!)

Evrything we realize is unique and born from our creativity and designed by ourself! You never see anothugh like them before!


Lantis Kelly RGB-02